Actions 2020 | companhia brasileira de teatro

Actions 2020

Check here the works by companhia brasileira de teatro during 2020, when we faced ourselves with Covid-19 pandemic and went under quarantine, into isolation. 2020 is the year in which we celebrate the 20th year of our activities.

Project A would be, per example, to be gathered in a theater. Or even on the streets. Occupying public spaces. Fully living the singularities of our ways of existence. Making sense to conviviality and to collective practices of coexistence. For several reasons we have stopped here. Certainly we are co-responsible for the state of things and we are part of movements for world transformation. Which artistic gestures could we propose from this place, now, that could also populate the devastated landscape of today with images of life?


Online Actions – lives, chats, interviews, spectacles, workshops and movies by/with members of companhia brasileira de teatro.

Por que não vivemos? – the play had a season at Teatro Cacilda Becker in São Paulo from February 14th to March 1st 2020. The season was then cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is the perspective of return in virtual spaces still in 2020.

Sem Palavras – this new creation process had a week of residence between March 10th to 15th in São Paulo; it also had virtual encounters between May and June 2020 due to the isolation caused by Covid-19 pandemic. There is the perspective to return to presential rehearsals with premiere until the end of 2020. There is also planning for seasons in Europe in 2021.

Em Companhia – The actress Renata Sorrah and the dramaturge and director Marcio Abreu constructed a reading-performance from dramaturgical fragments of the works in which Renata acted along companhia brasileira de teatro. The live performance happened on July 5th 2020 by the Youtube channels Sesc Ao Vivo and Sesc São Paulo.

project b – With dramaturgy and direction by Marcio Abreu, the actor Rodrigo Bolzan activates his presence and his memory is projected to the future, through references present in plays like PROJETO bRASIL and Oxigênio, both made by companhia brasileira de teatro. The live performance happened on July 24th 2020 by the Youtube channels Sesc Ao Vivo and Sesc São Paulo.

Dramaturgias do Hoje e do Amanhã – the expositive workshop approaches in an analytical, contextual and relational way a repertoire of dramaturgy and artistic processes associated to the research and creation experiences of Marcio Abreu along companhia brasileira de teatro, Grupo Galpão and other artists and collectives.

Krum – participation in Festival FarOFFa no sofá – exhibition of the recorded spectacle through digital platform during Covid-19 pandemic.

The spectacle was available for free on companhia brasileira de teatro Youtube channel from April 9th 2020 to May 27th 2020.

Escutas Coletivas – In the first edition, “Maré” (2015) will be presented. Dramaturgy and direction by Marcio Abreu and sound design by musician and composer Felipe Storino. The programmed readings of the series have their performance and composition anchored in the manipulation and detailed listening of the sound of the words that compose the chosen dramaturgy. The encounter also proposes a debate between audience and creative team.