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Apenas o fim do mundo

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“There is always something missing that torments me”.
Camille Claudel

“We must conserve in the center of our world the place of our uncertainties, the place of our fragility, of our difficulties in listening and hearing”.
Jean-Luc Lagarce

A man, absent for a long time, returns to his family’s house to give the news of his eminent death. This is the argument of Apenas o fim do mundo (Just the end of the world), maybe the most intimate play from Lagarce. The displacement, the trip, the return are identified as reincident themes in his work, as well as absence, death, love. The construction of the work is also a theme, in other words, the shape that determines the writing is also content, and this shape reveals the insistent and reiterated speech of people trying to make themselves understood, trying to say what was not said.


For ages, we have been immersed in a rumor of speeches thrown to the beasts and we heard nothing. And I think that the best of all and what excites to go on, is to find the common echoes, resonances and noises somewhere. Someone that fells the same thing and that makes you feel the illusion of being less lonely and that promotes you the sensation of belonging, of being present and not only trying to shout in the desert. Our post-modern individualism got old, got more stupid. Time is short and “the world already doesn’t care if with we don’t have the strength to keep choosing something true”, if we don’t have the capacity to rattle some voice that is heard, if we don’t give any “inutile”, sensitive life sign, that exists in the movement toward the other, only this.

Marcio Abreu

Curitiba, June 1st 2006


*The translation of the play, made by Giovana Soar especially for the montage, was released in 2006 in Coleção Palco Sur Scène by Imprensa Oficial de São Paulo in partnership with Consulado Geral da França and Aliança Francesa.