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Back to the day… – Critics

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“The best of the spectacle is that besides having a clear research line, it doesn’t become at all hermetic…” May 2004. Magela Lima. Diário do Nordeste.


“So, it is possible to turn around. Included, we can find ourselves there. Unveiled, eccentric, intense. Maybe because of that the final ovation. A thanking by taking us to the edge of the mirror, to the hand of the theatrical talent.” September 2003. Horácio Lapunzina. Uno (Entre Rios. Argentina)


“Irony, humor, good performances and a bold language…” March 2003. Beth Néspoli. O Estado de São Paulo.


“…Marcio Abreu’s direction is exact, precise in his staging of this crazy quotidian.” May 2003. Bárbara Heliodora. O Globo.


“Rarely it has been seen such a delicate and delicious chemistry between a pair of actresses in a theater stage…” March 2003. Miguel Anunciação. Hoje em Dia, Belo Horizonte – MG.


“’Volta ao dia… (Back to the day…) gets the maximum from the minimum.” March 2003. Sérgio Salvia Coelho. Folha de São Paulo.