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Bem-vindos à Espécie Humana – Project

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“Bem-vindos à Espécie Humana”, play by companhia brasileira de teatro presents and ironic overview of the human evolution. An invitation to dialogue about our past and future as specie.

In the best seller by the historian Yuri Noval Harari and in the text by the French dramaturge Benoit Lambert, the human being and its evolution on planet Earth regarding others species and himself is presented under the perspective of aggressiveness, and of how wars, the capitalist system and religions embrace human characteristics and dictate the modus operandi of our complexes societies. These are the concepts present in the dramaturgy created by companhia brasileira de teatro in its new play.

On stage, the actresses Cássia Damasceno and Giovana Soar draw and present to the audience an inventory of some of the experiences that unite us as human species along the centuries: fear, religion, capitalist system and the relation with money, consumerism, accumulation and weapons. In the course of the 45 minutes of the play, in an ironic and humored way, the two actresses question the choices and desires of the human animal and its intrinsic relation with aggressiveness, aiming to decipher which were the mechanisms that brought us to our violent present.

In reflecting on the evolution of the human being and how it relapses into our intime and particular lives, one of the company’s desire is the approximation with the young audience – in special Z Generation (those born between 90’s and 2010’s) – dialoguing with its interests and way of perceiving the contemporary man, and still, trying to understand its perspectives of future – pessimistic or not.