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Maintenance project of companhia brasieira de teatro sponsored by Petrobras.

It involved repertoire circulation and the research, creation and circulation of a new work. Open to the challenge of letting oneself be affected by plural and contradictory forces that mobilize the many speeches about Brazil, through stories gathered aimless, through the redeemed memory of forgotten historical facts, through humors, through dissonant voices of renowned and anonymous thinkers, through rumor, through voices, through textures and sonorities that vibrate out there, we enhance to answer to these so many stimuli, with the creation of a play that inhabit the field of invention and that, once more, creates bridges towards one another.

projeto brasil (brazil project) consisted in the research, creation and production of an entirely new play, with a text of own authorship, from a plunge into the recent history of our country and a small “expedition” for its five regions. Besides the theories, the intent was to investigate behaviors, worldviews and language to feed the creative process with an empirical dimension and the experience of the plural realities of our country. The objective was to create a play of invention, with an own language, permeable to this whole experience.

The choice of the theme brazil as research goal is coherent and also provoking in relation to the company’s trajectory, reflecting it, and at the same time, pointing to new attempts for the future. It is proper of art to dialogue with its time, reflecting it and proposing new visions. The moment of transformations that our country lives is very fertile and demands our critic and creative commitment. Dealing with such a wide theme, but with a specific and singular clipping is one of the points that justifies this project.

To propose the creation of an original text, what is fundamental for the development of our dramaturgy, is part of the work strategy and is what mobilizes the research that is based in historical references, displacements and invention.
The group theater, the thinking about a new dramaturgy, the advancements in the actions that approximates the theater from its audience and actively inserts it in society, the role that the ethical and aesthetical discussions exert into the strengthen of bounds between the theatrical art and the audience, are contemporary questions that will be incorporated in this project, to be made by a company settled out of the Rio-São Paulo axis, but connected with the country and with the state-of-art art movements of the world.

Premiere of the play PROJETO bRASIL (bRAZIL PROJECT) in the second semester of 2015.