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foto marcio Marcio Abreu

Actor, director and dramaturge, born in Rio de Janeiro. His formation passes through EITALC (Escola Internacional de Teatro da América Latina) and ISTA (Escola Internacional de Antropologia Teatral). In Curitiba in the 90’s, founded the Grupo de Resistência de Teatro, with which has worked with for 6 years. Director of companhia brasileira de teatro in 1999, develops researches and creative processes in exchange with artists from several parts of the country and also from other countries. Among his main works are: A Vida é Cheia de Som e Fúria, co-production with Sutil Cia de Teatro, working as actor (2000); Volta ao dia… , text and direction (2002); O Empresário, a Mozart’s opera, adaptation and direction (2004); Suíte 1  by Philippe Minyana, direction (2004); Daqui a Duzentos Anos, texts by Anton Tchekhov, dramaturgy and direction with ATC and Luis Melo (2004/2005); Apenas o fim do mundo, by Jean-Luc Lagarce, direction (2005/2006); Polifonias , dramaturgy and direction (2006); O que eu Gostaria de dizer, direction and dramaturgy in collaboration with actors Luis Melo, Bianca Ramoneda and Marcio Vito (2008); Caixapreta – Faço minhas as suas palavras, direction and creation with actress Bianca Ramoneda (2009); Noël, scenic-musical spectacle about the work of the composer Noel Rosa (2010); Vida, text and direction (2010); Oxigênio, by Ivan Viripaev, adaptation and direction (2010); CYRK, scenic-musical spectacle with Quintana Trio, script and direction (2011); Isso te interessa?, by Noëlle Renaude, translation, adaptation and direction (2011); De Verdade, adaptation of the novel from the Hungarian author Sándor Márai, with the actors Kika Kalacher and Guilherme Piva (2012); Esta Criança, co-production with the actress Renata Sorrah, direction (2012); Enquanto estamos aqui, solo with choreographer and dancer Marcia Rubin, direction and script (2012). Still in 2012 wrote an adaptation of The Three Little Pigs for the Commedie Française from Paris and wrote the play L’histoire du Rock par Raphaelle Bouchard, in Gap and Limoges, in France, both directed by the French Thomas Quillardet.

In 2012, was chosen as theatric personality of the year by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Received the Prêmio Shell RJ of best direction for the spectacle Esta Criança. The play Isso te interessa? by Noëlle Renaude received in 2012 the Prêmio APCA and Prêmio Bravo! for best spectacle of the year besides 5 indications for the Prêmio Questão de Crítica taking the award for best director. In 2013 collaborated in the direction of the play Cine Monstro, by Daniel MacIvor, directed and portrayed by Enrique Diaz. Directed Nus, ferozes e antropófagos, in collaboration with the French company Jakart/Mugiscué and the Centro Dramático Nacional de Limousin. In 2015 directed KRUM by Hanoch Levin in a second production partnership with actress Renata Sorrah which granted many awards as best spectacle (Cesgranrio and Questão de Crítica). In 2015 also wrote and directed PROJETO bRASIL with the partners of companhia brasileira de teatro. In 2016 directed the renowned Grupo Galpão in the spectacle NÓS, text written in partnership with Eduardo Moreira. In 2018, also with Grupo Galpão, directed the spectacle OUTROS

Since the 90’s orients regularly, workshops, courses, seminars and lectures related to the actor’s work and the dramaturgical creation. Currently is advisor of the Núcleo de Direção SESI-PR. Keeps ministering dramaturgy workshops in diverse parts of the country, besides curating activities and exchanging with other national and international artists.

In 2012, had his text Vida published in France by Maison Antoine Vitez in a compilation from Énova latin-american dramaturgy. In 2016, published by Cobogó Publisher the texts: PROJETO bRASIL and MARÉ.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-13 at 15.45.43 Nadja Naira

Lighting designer, theater director and actress, graduated by Curso Superior De Artes Cênicas – PUC/PR and Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra (Bachelor’s degree in Scenic Arts – PUC/PR and Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra) in 1993. As lighting designer, works over 20 years with important theater directors. Works also with dance companies and has diverse works in music, such as operas, MPB shows and concerts. In 2015 received Prêmio APTR and Prêmio Questão de Crítica of best lighting for the spectacle KRUM. In 2012 Prêmio Shell RJ of best lighting for the spectacle Esta Criança. Received the Prêmio Governador do Estado PR – Troféu Gralha Azul of best lighting in 2000, 1999 and 1998 and Prêmio Café do Teatro Curitiba PR – Troféu Poty Lazarotto in 2001 and 1999.

As director realized: A Cidade Sem Mar (2016), texts by Manoel Carlos Karam and A viagem (2009), both co-directed with Giovana Soar; Mar Paraguayo (2015) by Wilson Bueno; Bolacha Maria (2008), texts by Manoel Carlos Karam; Os Leões (2006), by Pablo Miguel de la Vega y Mendoza. Directed and adapted texts for dramatic readings: Sabor Brasilis Cena HQ (2014), Mar Paraguayo (2008) by Wilson Bueno, Encrenca (2007) and others texts by Manoel Carlos Karam.

As actress participated recently in the works of companhia brasileira de teatro: PROJETO bRASIL (2015); Nus, ferozes e antropófagos; Isso te interessa? (2011); Vida (2010); Distraits Nous Vaincrons (2010); Descartes Com Lentes (2009); Polifonias (2006); Suíte 1 (2004). And has still in her historic: A Volta ao Lar (2001) by Harold Pinter, directed by Silvia Monteiro; Trecentina 500 (1999), text by Mario Schoemberger and Eneas Lour, directed by João Luiz Fiani; A menina que pisou no pão (1999), text and direction by Eugenio Gielow; O Dedo Volúvel do Destino (1995), text and direction by Cleide Piasecki; O Vampiro e a Polaquinha (1995), by Dalton Trevisan, directed by Ademar Guerra.

In 2010 participated of the  Ciclo de Obras Completas project of Fundação Cultural de Curitiba, reading the work of the writer Manoel Carlos Karam. In 2012 on the same project read the work of Helena Kolody. Since 2014 in partnership with companhia brasileira de teatro develops a reading project of Brazilian authors.

Since 2002 integrates companhia brasileira de teatro having participated in all of its productions.

fotoefeitos.com_ (1) Giovana Soar

Actress, director, producer and translator, graduated by Curso Superior De Artes Cênicas – PUC/PR and Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra with habilitation in Theatric Direction (Bachelor’s degree in Scenic Arts – PUC/PR and Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra) in 1991. Has a Licentiate and Master’s degree in Theater by Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle University. Has formation and specialization courses with directors such as Antunes Filho, Antonio Abujmra, Marcio Aurélio, Celso Nunes. In the 90’s participated in encounters such as ISTA in Londrina. Has over 30 works as actress and among her main ones are: Os Saltimbancos; Alice no País das Maravilhas; As Bruxas de Salém; O Menino Maluquinho; Hamlet; Dorotéia (in French); O Pequeno Mago; Um chão é um chão; No final vire a esquerda; O rato no muro. In 1991 received the Troféu Gralha Azul de Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante Infantil for her acting in O Menino Maluquinho. In 2016 was nominated to the 5th Questão de Crítica Award in the Best Actress category for her acting in PROJETO bRASIL. Since 2002 is a member of companhia brasileira de teatro’s crew where has participated on the following works as actress: PROJETO bRASIL (2015); Nus, ferozes e antropófogos (2013); Esta Criança (2012); Isso te interessa? (2011); Vida (2010); Distraits Nous Vaincrons (2010); Apenas o fim do mundo (2006) and Suíte 1 (2004). Developed an artistic partnership with the French group Théâtre de la Tentative between 2001/2005. Acted as interpreter and assistant of French directors, having already worked with: Claude Regy, Georges Lavaudant, Sotigui Kouiaté, Gildas Milin, Benoit Lambert, Jean Damien Barbin, Guy-Pierre Coulout and Léa Dant. As director realized: in companhia brasileira de teatro, A cidade sem mar (2015) and A Viagem (2009) both co-directed with Nadja Naira. And with the company Nossa Senhora do Teatro Contemporâneo directed A peça sobre o Amor (2004) and A Melhor Parte do Homem (2003). As translator edited in 2006 the play Apenas o Fim do Mundo by Jean-Luc Lagarce, the first volume of the Palco Sur Scène collection, bilingual edition and in 2008, in the same collection, Suíte 1 by Philippe Minyana. In 2007 edited Eva Perón by the Franco-Argentine author Copi by 7 Letras Publisher. In 2016 Krum, play by Hanoch Levin, was published by Cobogó Publisher. Also translated the texts from the montages of Isso te interessa? by Noële Renaude, Oxigênio by Ivan Viripaev and Esta Criança by Joël Pommerat staged by companhia brasileira de teatro. Between 1999 and 2002 was member of the  of Progamação do Teatro Alfa de São Paulo’s team. In 2000 and 2001, accompanied the residence of Pina Bausch Wuppertal’s dance company and participates of the spectacle Água in its presentations in São Paulo. Since 2009 presents workshops of Translation and Contemporary Dramaturgy. As translator is, since 2013, member of the Maison Antoine Vitez translation committe of Portuguese language. Recently participated of the Núcleo de Dramaturgia (2011) and the Núcleo de Audiovisual of SESI PR (SESI PR Dramaturgy Nucleous) (2013/2014) where developed her first script for cinema.

fotoefeitos.com_ (2) Cássia Damasceno

Actress and producer, graduated in Scenic Arts by Faculdade de Artes do Paraná in 2000, and since then performs as actress, director and cultural producer. Worked in several companies: Cia Senhas de Teatro, Obragem, Ator Cômico, Espaço Cênico, Alameda, Benedita Companhia de Teatro, among others. Worked with the directors: Sueli Araújo, David Mafra, Nena Inoue, Mauro Zanatta, Cristovão Oliveira, Margie Rauen, Roberto Innocente, Suely Machado, Marcos Steuernagel, Alexandre França and Marcio Abreu. Integrated companhia brasileira de teatro’s team in 2008 and acted for seven years as production direction, among the main works are: PROJETO bRASIL (2015), KRUM (2015), Nus, Ferozes e Antropófagos (2013), Esta Criança (2012), Isso te interessa? (2011), Vida (2010), Oxigênio (2010), Distraits Nous Vaincrons (2010), Descartes com Lentes (2009). Her recent works as actress are: Preto residence, direction Marcio Abreu (2016); Cabaré Dalton, direction Nena Inoue (2016); Billie, text and direction Alexandre França (2014); Nus, ferozes e Antropófagos, creation of companhia brasileira de teatro in partnership with the French company Jakart/Mugiscué and the director Pierre Pradinas (2013); Divorciadas, Evangélicas e Vegetarianas text by Gustavo Ott (2009). In the movies participated in the film Curitiba Zero Grau by director Eloy Pires Ferreira (2008) and at the moment acts in the series Rarefeito – production Diadorim Filmes.


José Maria