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PROJETO BRASIL – participation in a Brazilian show in several cities in Germany. PROJETO bRASIL (PROJECT bRAZIL) play. Presentations in Hellerau Theater in Dresden and in Mousonturm Theater in Frankfurt, Germany.

PRETO – artistic residence for the creation of a new work entitled PRETO. Hellerau Theater, Dresden, Germany.


Projeto Logo Ali (Logo Ali Project) (2014)

Workshop, work process show and presentations of the play Isso te Interessa? (Does this Interest You?) and Descartes com Lentes (Descartes with Lens). SESC IPIRANGA – SP.


Nus, Ferozes e Antropófagos (Nudes, Ferocious and Anthropophagi) (2011-2014)

Exchange that originated the spectacle of same title, with Companhia Jackart/Mugiscué and the CDN of Limoges, Théâtre de L’Union. Project developed in 6 work stages in both countries, between 2011 and 2014.


Acto I, II, III (2007/2009/2014) (Act I, II, III 2007/2009/2014)

Exchange event between Grupo Espanca! and Grupo XIX de Teatro (SP) in Belo Horizonte, MG. In 2014, Grupo Magiluth de Recife (PE) started to integrate the encounter.


Ocupação Complexo Duplo – Teatro Glaucio Gil RJ (2013) (Occupation Complexo Duplo – Glaucio Gil Theater RJ – 2013)

Presentation of the spectacle Isso te Interessa? (Does this interest you?) and Descartes com Lentes (Descartes with Lens).

Readings cycle of Joël Pommerat’s texts: ‘O Chapeuzinho Vermelho’ (Little Red Riding Hood) and ‘Teatros em Presença’ (Theaters in Presence), direction Marcio Abreu. Parts of ‘Minha câmera fria’ (My cold camera), direction Philipe Vidal. Parts of ‘Estremeço’ (Shake), direction Emilio de Melo.


Projeto Rumos Teatro – Instituto Itaú Cultural SP (2011/2013) (Rumos Teatro Project – Itau Cultural Institute SP 2011/2013)

2013 – Presentation of the spectacle Vida (Life). Work presentation of a new company: Teatro do Inominável (RJ).

2011 – Exchange event with companies from all over Brazil. Presentation of a scene, result of the work with Grupo Espanca! – Troca de Pacotes.


Na Companhia de… (2011/2012) (In the company of… 2011/2012)

Parallel event inside Festival de Teatro de Curitiba

2012 – Programation of Teatro HSBC – Presentation of the spectacle Isso te Interessa? (Does this interest you?) and Oxigênio (Oxygen).

Invited companies: Grupo Magiluth (PE) Phila7 (SP) Mungunza (SP), Trio Quintina (PR). 

2011 – Workshops and dramatic readings with guests of the groups: Cia Clube Noir, Roberto Alvim and Juliana Galdino, Grupo Espanca! and Bianca Ramoneda, Pierre Pradinas and Thomas Quillardet.

Presentation of the spectacle Oxigênio (Oxygen). CBT headquarters.


Distraits, nous Vaincrons (2010) (Distracted we will win)

Creation and presentation of a theater/musical event from the work of the poet Paulo Leminski. Developed in partnership with Companhia Jakart/Mugiscué in Maison de La Poésie Theater in Paris. Exhibition of photos and haikais from the author. Distraits, nous Vaincrons (Distracted we will win) is part of the research process of Projeto VIDA (LIFE Project) 2008/2010.


Meu Nome (2010) (My name)

Spectacle result of the Exchange Project between companhia brasileira de teatro and Casa da Ribeira in Natal/RN, with pupils between 14 and 18-year-old, students of public schools that integrate the program ArteAção, with the support of Instituto Ayrton Senna.  Prêmio Funarte de Interações Estéticas (Funarte Award of Aesthetical Interactions).


Troca-troca (2010) (Switch-switch)

Project of exchange between companies during the FIT of Belo Horizonte with the company quatroloscinco (MG).


Fórum Teatral França Brasil (Theatric Forum France Brazil) (August 2009)

Initiative during the Year of France in Brazil, companhia brasileira de teatro receives in its headquarter Cia. Os Fofos Encenam, from São Paulo and members of the French companies, Thêatre de La Tentative and Companhia Jackart/Mugiscué. Workshops, debates and presentations open to the public. Casa Hoffman and companhia brasileira de teatro headquarter, Curitiba/PR.


SP Escola de Teatro (SP School of Theater) (November 2009)

Opening event of SP Escola de Teatro. Reading presentation of Um calcanhar avariado e outras histórias (A defective heel and other stories), text by Manoel Carlos Karam, with the actor Luis Melo and the solo Descartes com lentes (Descartes with lens), text by Paulo Leminski with the actress Nadja Naira. Direction: Marcio Abreu.


Projeto Encontros do FIT de Belo Horizonte (2008) (Project Belo horizontes FIT’s Encounters)

Exchange Project between invited companies for the festivals and local groups, Luna Lunera (MG) and Cia. Clara (MG).


Mostra Lagarce – Ciclo de Dramaturgia Contemporânea (2007) (Lagarce Show – Cycle of Contemporary Dramaturgy)

Presentation of Apenas o fim do mundo (Just the end of the world) and the reading of Do Luxo e da Impotência (Of Luxe and Impotence).

Direction: Marcio Abreu

Cia dos Atores’s headquarter – Rio de Janeiro/RJ.


Próximo Ato – Instituto Itaú Cultural (2007/2008) (Next Act – Itau Cultural Institute)

International encounter of contemporary theater.

São Paulo/SP 2007, Porto Alegre/RS 2008.