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PRETO – The People



Ubuntu: African philosophy which means: I am because we are.
A person is a person through other people.


The creation process promotes the exchange and collaboration between Brazilian and foreign artists, between a company and collaborating artists, between geographies and different generations.

The dramaturgy is shared between the dramaturge and director Marcio Abreu and the dramaturge and actress Grace Passô.

On stage will be some of the director’s long term collaborators: besides Grace Passô, the actress Renata Sorrah (from Rio de Janeiro²), the actor Rodrigo Bolzan (from São Paulo²), the actor Felipe Soares (from Minas Gerais²), the actress and lighting designer Nadja Naira (from Paraná²), the actress and producer Cássia Damasceno (also from Paraná²), the performers and theater directors Daniel Schauf and Simon Möllendorf (from Frankfurt).

Further collaborators are the actress and translator Giovana Soar, the composer and musical director Felipe Storino, the researcher and producer Aline Vila Real, the producer Zé Maria and a technical and creative team still in definition phase. A collaboration with the Brazilian filmmaker Eryk Rocha for the visual aspects of the play is still to be defined.

2. States in Brazil