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PRETO – The Schedule



In May and June 2016 we performed the play PROJETO bRASIL in Hellerau, Dresden, and Mousonturm, Frankfurt, in the frame of the “Projeto Brasil Festival”. There, we had first encounters with Brazilian and German artists as well as activists about topics as racism, nationalism, identity, heritage, resistance, among others, and the idea for Preto was born.

In autumn 2016, all the brazilian collaborators met in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo for a research period about the new project. At the same time, we talked about possible coproducers in Brazil.


– from May 04th to 06th 2017 – work show “O que ainda não sabemos” (What we still don’t know) in the event Polifônica Negra, Teatro Espanca!, Belo Horizonte

– from May 27th to June 09th 2017 – residence in Hellerau European Art Center, Dresden Germany, with a process show and debate with the public

– from June 12th to 24th 2017 – residence in Mousonturm Cultural Center, Frankfurt Germany, encounter with the researcher from Mina Gerais Thiago Aguiar Simim, process show and debate with the public. 

– from July 09th to 13th 2017 – residence in Festival de São José do Rio Preto, workshop, lecture with the professor from Minas Gerais Leda Maria Martins, process show and debate with the audience

– from August 10th to 15th 2017 – residence in SESC Santos. process show and debate with the audience

– from August 29th to September 03rd 2017 – residence in SESC Araraquara, workshop, process show and debate with the audience

– September and October 2017, rehearsals in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

– October 2017, premiere in São Paulo

– January 2018, presentations in Germany, in Hellerau, Dresden and in Mousonturm, Frankfurt

– February 2018, presentation in France, in Paris, Choisy-le-Roi

– Circulation foreseen to 2018 in the cities: Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Santos, Vitória and Belo Horizonte.