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PRETO – The Schedule


In May and June 2016 we performed the play PROJETO bRASIL in Hellerau, Dresden, and Mousonturm, Frankfurt, in the frame of the “Projeto Brasil Festival”. There, we had first encounters with Brazilian and German artists and activists about topics around racism, nationalism, identity, heritage, resistance, among others, and the idea for Preto was born.

In autumn 2016, all the brazilian collaborators met in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo for a research period about the new project. At the same time, we talked to possible coproducers in Brazil.

In May and June 2017, we will have a work residency in Hellerau, Dresden, and Mousonturm, Frankfurt. Each residency will be two weeks long. It is a preliminar phase, previous to the beginning of the rehearsals. It is the research moment that establish the base of the dramaturgy and the interaction between the artists from differents cities of Brazil and Germany. It is given mainly presentially, involving exchange and creative relations among the participating artists. The rehearsals begin concretelly in September 2017 in Brazil.


– The rehearsals are schedule for September and October 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil.
– The premiere in Brazil is scheduled for October 2017 in São Paulo.
– The premiere in Germany is scheduled for January 2018 in Hellerau, Dresden, and for February in Mousonturm, Frankfurt.

The idea is to make a project in co-production. We already have two confirmed coproducers in Germany: Hellerau, in Dresden, and Mousonturm, in Frankfurt. And in Brazil, Sesc São Paulo and Petrobras as coproducers.
Negotiations with other theaters and festivals in Europe and in Brazil are in progress. Some are confirmed as Choisy-le-Roi, Théatre Paul Éluard, in France, February 2018.