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The theater is the place where we leave and to where we return. It is where we reprocess thesensivities and rescue the senses, many times worn out by the rhythm and violence of theways of living that we choose and to which we are impelled.

PROJETO bRASIL (bRAZIL PROJECT) is a heterogenous conjunct of actions, performances, images and thoughtsarticulated between themselves. It is thought as an open structure that, besides existing as a proposal inthepresent, allows unfoldings and future dialogues. It is the result of a first and deep plungeinto Brazilian waters, many times turbid and revolt.

It reflects the experience that we had traveling through the country presenting plays from our repertoire andhaving the chance to stay a little longer in each city talking with people,getting in touch with the similitudes and differences.

It reflects the research and the readings that we did of fundamental authors, Brazilian and foreigner, about the formation of a thought about Brazil.

It still reflects the experience of the turbulent transformations that are happening in the world and under which we still don’t have clarity about or tools to elaborate our consciousness.

What we have are the impressions and the vestiges of the living experience, faltering andavailable bodies, a profusion of images and voices living dynamically together in the memory. Inside and outside voices, Mujica’s speeches, Uruguay ex-president, and from Christiane Taubira, Ministerof Justice of France, people that try to speak, out loud thinkings, people that try to hear, dissonant sounds.

We return to the theater and from here we reverberate.

We keep going!

Marcio Abreu