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Café Philosophique (2014)  

Reading of scenes from the French author Jean-Michel Ribes.

With Giovana Soar and Edson Rocha.

Aliança Francesa of Curitiba.


Taubira (2013)   

Festival of short scenes of Galpão Cine Horto BH.

Performance from the speeches of Christiane Taubira about the approval of the same gender union and adoption law.

Cast: Rodrigo Bolzan and Nadja Naira.

Dramaturgy: Giovana Soar and Marcio Abreu. Direction: Marcio Abreu.


Os Trabalhos e os Dias (2009)    

Dramatic readings of Michel Vinaver’s text.

Translated in a workshop ministered by Giovana Soar in Aliança Francesa of Curitiba. Café Babete and Teatro Novelas Curitibanas.

Cast: Marcio Abreu, Paulo Alves, Nadja Naira, Giovana Soar and Cassia Damasceno. Direction: Marcio Abreu.


companhia brasileira LÊ LEMINSKI (2009)    

Dramatic reading with texts of James Joyce, Becket, Petronius, John Lenon, among others, all produced by Paulo Leminski. LÊ LEMINSKI is part of the research process of Projeto VIDA  that the company developed between 2008/2010. It was presented in the company’s headquarters and in Encontro de Bibliotecas of Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Curitiba.

Cast: Giovana Soar, Nadja Naira, Ranieri Gonzalez, Rodrigo Ferrarini and Paulo Alves. Direction: Marcio Abreu.


Festival de Teatro de Curitiba (2006/2009)  

2006 – Conception of the Festival de Teatro de Curitiba opening spectacle, with the participation of Orquestra Sinfônica do Paraná, regency of the maestro Alessandro Sangiorgi and the actor Luis Melo.

Direction: Marcio Abreu.

Direction Assistence: Giovana Soar. Lighting Design: Nadja Naira.

2009 – Conception of the Festival de Curitiba opening event with the participation of the actors Ranieri Gonzalez and Bianca Ramoneda.

Direction: Marcio Abreu.


Projeto COPI (2007)    

In partnership with the French director Thomas Quillardet the company developed a project about the work of the Franco-Argentinian author COPI, involving texts montages, drawing and photos exhibition, dramatic readings, translation and edition of the texts “Eva Perón”, “Loretta Strong” and “A Geladeira”. Teatro Novelas Curitibanas and Festival RioCenaContemporânea in Rio De Janeiro.


Semana Lagarce (2006)    

Release of the bilingual edition of Apenas o Fim do Mundo by Jean-Luc Lagarce, translation of Giovana Soar, Palco sur Scène collection, in the Atualidades room of Biblioteca Mario de Andrade in São Paulo.

Reading of the text Do Luxo e da Da Impotência, of Jean-Luc Lagarce.

Direction: Marcio Abreu. Cast: Luis Melo, Simone Spoladore and Nadja Naira.

Event promoted by Consulado Geral da França in SP, ECA-USP and Prefeitura de São Paulo, in Teatro Laboratório ECA-USP (Universidade de São Paulo).


Daqui a Duzentos Anos (2005/2007)   

Spectacle produced by ACT – Atelie de Criação Teatral, with texts by Anton Tchekhov. Direction and dramaturgy: Marcio Abreu. Lighting Design: Nadja Naira. The spectacle had seasons in Curitiba, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and circulated through the principle cities of the country.

In 2005 received the Prêmio APCA of best actor of the year to Luis Melo.


Grupo de Estudos de Tchekhov (2004)  

In the first semester of 2004, in Curitiba, Marcio Abreu coordinated in partnership with the actor Luis Melo at ACT – Atelie de Criação Teatral an interdisciplinary study group about Tchekhov’s work, making a series of dramatic readings and performances. Assistence: Giovana Soar.


Opera Illustrata (2003)  

Fundação Cultural de Curitiba Project composed by the presentation of seven didactic opera concerts – Tosca, O Elixir do Amor, A Flauta Mágica, Fausto, Júlio César, Colombo and Cavalaria Rusticana. Direction: Marcio Abreu and Beto Lanza. Direction Assistence: Giovana Soar. Lighting Design: Nadja Naira. Maestros: Osvaldo Colarusso, Roberto de Regina, Júlio Medaglia, Paulo Esper.

Teatro Londrina, Curitiba.


A Melhor Parte do Homem (2003)      

Spectacle result of the exchange with the French group Théâtre de la Tentative. Direction and dramaturgy: Giovana Soar. Direction Assistence: Marcio Abreu. Lighting Design: Nadja Naira.

Festival de Teatro de Curitiba and Festival RioCenaContemporânea.


A Vida é cheia de som e fúria (2000)   

Co-production with Sutil Companhia de Teatro. Text: Nick Hornby. Direction: Felipe Hirsch. The play premiered in Curitiba and had seasons in the main cities of the country. Received the Prêmio Shell of best direction in 2000.


Adeus, Robinson! (1999)   

Spectacle from a radiophonic text of Julio Cortázar. Direction: Marcio Abreu. Had two seasons in Curitiba.