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Repertoire Circulation

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The displacements and encounters are the foundation of companhia brasileira’s work since its creation. The recent repertoire of the company is composed by five plays. With this project, we took to the five regions of the country four of these plays: Vida (Life), Oxigênio (Oxygen), Descartes com Lentes (Descartes with Lens) and Isso te interessa? (Does this interest you?). The presentations occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Salvador, Manaus and Porto Alegre. Seventeen (17) presentations were made counting with extra sessions of the play Vida (Life) in Rio de Janeiro RJ, Teatro Sergio Porto and Descartes com Lentes (Descartes with Lens) in Salvador BA, in Teatro das Estrelas.

Technical file of the repertoire circulation:

Local production: Fernando Zugno (Porto Alegre), Milca Luna (Brasília), Verônica Prates (Rio de Janeiro), Dyego Monnzaho and Efraim Mourão (Manaus) and Renata Carletto (Salvador).

Photographers: Lula Lopes (Brasília), Alessandra Stropp (Rio de Janeiro), Henrique Linhares (Manaus), Ivan Cunha (Salvador).

Filming: Daniel Jainechine (Porto Alegre), Érico Cazarré (Brasília), Gabriel Teixeira (Salvador), Alessandra Stropp (Rio de Janeiro), Henrique Linhares (Manaus).

After the presentations, chats were made with the audience, encounters that intended to hear the reflexes of our interference in each region where we passed by.

The artistic exchanges also happened in workshops-encounters with theater groups, art students and other interested that watched the spectacles and were with us in the work room to debate, question and experience procedures used by us in the creations of companhia brasileira.