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Since the beginning of the research and creation process of the play brasil, we made readings and encounters in the company’s headquarters with researches and collaborators. During the repertoire circulation in the five regions of the country there was an intense field work. These actions feed the research for the creation of brasil.


The title is before anything for the company, a provocation and a “compass”. Of course that what is at stake is the ascendant and contradictory moment that we live today in our country, with transformations in an accelerated rhythm and a growing interest of the whole world about what happens here, without being able, in the heat of the moment, to absorb and reflect the amplitude of the experience. But it is also at stake the slow transformation that is given over several periods of our history, as in Sergio Buarque de Holanda’s quote in his Raízes do Brasil (Roots of Brazil): “The great Brazilian revolution it is not a fact that is registered in a precise instant; it is before a long process that has been lasting for at least three quarters of a century.”

From there, brasil intends to be the result of a modest “expedition” through the 5 regions of the country and the study of a diversified bibliography that intends to think it in different ways, including books of historical facilitations, abstracts and clichés, reports of the Villas-Bôas brothers, even fundamental thinkers as Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, Gilberto Freyre, Caio Prado Jr, Darcy Ribeiro and others, mentioned in attachments, besides chroniclers, poets, fictionists and anthropologists.

Where is the history record? What is written is true? What historic dimension exists in the imaginary of a population? What is our sense of localization and belonging? How, through an attempt to think the country, and a language, it is possible to enter the territories of invention?

The invention is the pillar. Here it is not about any portrait or document about the country, but of inventing new world possibilities from the creative, liberating and necessarily singular contact, with the plural constitutive realities of Brazil, of its language and its people. To invent new world possibilities in theater, that perhaps is today one of the most meaningful places of encounter with the other through art, between similitudes and differences, of manifestations of individual and collective potencies and the celebration of the unpredictable human dimension.

The result intends to be an original theater work, permeable to this whole experience and created by Brazilian artists that cultivate the frequent dialogue with the cultures of their country and also with cultures of other countries. What is coherent with the trajectory of companhia brasileira, that is responsible by a diverse and awarded repertoire, that includes dramaturgy of own authorship, rereading of classics and translation of contemporary authors unpublished in the country and, moreover, perform frequent actions of exchange with Brazilian and foreigner artists inside and out of the country.

The research

– We performed monthly research encounters for the creation of a new play, through studies about our country, with text of own authorship, entitled brasil.

– We performed field research in the 5 regions of the country, through interviews, encounters with artists and the public and image register.

– We performed monthly encounters of dramaturgic research destined to the writing of an unprecedented text.

– We shared ideias between artists and theater companies through encounters with the audience after the presentations.

– We exchanged professional experiences between artists from diverse states of the country through their participation in the cast and crew of the brasil play and the plays of the repertoire.

– We strengthened the company’s bonds with society through diverse actions destined to the public, like seminars, chats, public readings.