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Sem Palavras (NO WORDS)

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Sem Palavras is the newest creation of director and dramaturge Marcio Abreu along with companhia brasileira de teatro.

Existence does not admit measure; each existence has its own way of being; intrinsic, incomparable.” David Lapoujade

It is a fiction inspired in the book “Un apartment sur Uranus”, by Spanish transgender philosopher Paul B. Preciado and in the writings of the Brazilian author and activist Eliane Brum. 

In an empty apartment for sale in the lasting of a day, a sequence of possibilities of encounters. Characters that are always in movement and in transition pass by in this apartment. We don’t know where they come from neither to where they go. Everything is transitory. Earth shakes. Grammars rephrase themselves. Inside and outside invade one another. Public and private mixture themselves. Time and space are continuously transforming. People in constant movement face one another provoking life impulses, history possibilities, unexpected events, images of the future. However, in the end, we will see together: the image of a crowd yet to come, in a vertiginous reinvention of language.

It is a unique dramaturgy composed of scenes without words as well as scenes with words, and still composed by bodies and images. A continuous collaboration is nurtured among theater, dance and performance artists that have already worked together, but it also aggregates new partnerships.

Sem Palavras appears when words are no longer enough, when they are insufficient to reflect upon the events that happen in an unmeasured speed, when they are no longer heard, when they need renovation, when they claim for their political and poetical dimension, when they want to reverberate not as a place of power, but as an integrated and permeable body in society, when they want to activate listening and live among other words, other bodies. When they make themselves body.

The creation of a play from the title Sem Palavras – that suits us as provoking device of the creative process – is an unfolding of a series of previous plays that inscribe themselves in a dynamic of interaction between different languages that also approach themes connected to decolonial thoughts and to the urgent and vertiginous transformations of contemporary societies. For example, between 2013 and 2018 the plays PROJETO bRASIL and PRETO (both with companhia brasileira de teatro), NÓS and OUTROS (both with Grupo Galpão) were created by Marcio Abreu in partnership with artists from several Brazilian cities. It is included in this period: research, rehearsals, premiere season and tour.

Are at stake, in all of these experiences the coexistence of differences and the approach of themes that don’t run out, not in art nor in life. It is at stake the presence of bodies in constant relation and in dialogue with other bodies, with the multiplicity of ways of existence and of ethical and aesthetical articulations as well as mutations proper of the time we live in.

Sem Palavras wants to be a play of today, for and with people of today. It wants to inscribe itself in the now and project itself into a possible future in which each singularity vibrates and enlightens life possibilities.