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Thematic seminars open to the public about the research theme, conducted by an invited professional of the fields of history, anthropology, literature or philosophy.
Performed in the company’s headquarters.


April 2014

Mário Hélio Gomes de Lima, master in History and P.h.D in Anthropology. Member of the PEN Club do Brasil and president of the Sociedade Ibero-Americana de Antropologia Aplicada. Teaches in the Anthropology post-graduation in Salamanca University, in Spain, and published among other books: Brasil profundo (Deep Brazil), Espanha negra (Black Spain), O Brasil de Gilberto Freyre (The Brazil of Gilberto Freyre), Rebeldes do Paraná (Paraná Rebels) and Casa-Grande & Senzala (The Masters and The Slaves) – the book that agrees with the Brazil mestizo and full of contradictions.


May and June 2014

Eleonora Fabião, “A performance called line: encounters with the encounter”. Performer and performance theorist. Degree and post-graduate professor of Scenic Arts in UFRJ. P.h.D in Performance Studies by the New York University and received in 2011 the Funarte Award Artes na Rua (Arts on the Street). Has lectured and published nationally and internationally (Americas and Europe). Since 2008 performs on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and several urban centers. Her actions investigate poetics and politics of the encounter and of precariousness.


André Egg, “To forge the Brazilian music: from the modernist projects of the 20’s to the MPB of the 60’s”. Historian, professor, music critic and blogger, P.h.D in Social History by USP and master in History by UFPR. Is professor of History of Popular Music in UNESPAR/FAP and was coordinator of the bachelor’s course in Popular Music between 2011 and 2013. It is one of the organizers of the book Arte e Política no Brasil (Art and Politics in Brazil), by Perspectiva Publisher. Keeps the blog História Cultural in the portal of the newspaper Gazeta do Povo.


Sandra Stroparo, “Deep Brazil: the hinterlands and the Big hinterland”. Professor of literary theory and Brazilian literature in the course of Arts in UFPR. Also works with literature and translation of the French language.


Itaércio Rocha, “Processes of autonomy generation and dissemination in the Brazilian popular culture”, member of the Mundaréu group, with whom has produced the CDs Guarnicê, Embala Eu, Cortejo Natalino, Mundaré and the DVD As Aventuras de Uma Viúva Alucinada (The Adventures of a Hallucinated Widow). Released his first solo and authorial CD Chegadim, the book and the CD É Bom Festa Junina III, in partnership with Mara Fontoura and the CD Cancioneiro Popular along with Pequeno Princípe Hospital. President of the Associação Recreativa e Cultural Amigos do Garibaldis e Sacis in Curitiba PR. Has specialization in Contemporary Studies in Dance by UFBA and FAV.