Suite 1 - Critics | companhia brasileira de teatro

Suite 1 – Critics

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“…text well calibrated, precise and sensitive direction by Marcio Abreu, with the complicity of a great cast, has already given proofs of achieving any kind of public…” March 2005. Sérgio Salvia Coelho. Folha de São Paulo.


“…the direction is sensible to the texts vaulting, a montage that provokes with suavity, instigates with description and plays with accuracy…” February 2005. Macksen Luiz. Jornal do Brasil – RJ.


“…Marcio Abreu’s montage exhibits a simple and efficient dynamic, being all the performances of all members of companhia brasileira de teatro very good.” February 2005. Lionel Fischer. Tribuna da Imprensa – RJ.


“…ruled with Marcio Abreu’s steady and sensitive hand – a tuned cast… shares an intelligent and subtle spectacle.” Folha de São Paulo.