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Suite 1 – The Author

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Philippe Minyana is one of the most important contemporary French authors. He writes for theater – and exclusively for theater – since 1980. Since then he was staged by the most renowned directors, in France and abroad. His over thirty texts have already been translated for more than 20 languages. Suíte 1 (Suite 1), with the montage of companhia brasileira de teatro, was his first text to be translated, published and staged in Brazil. Besides theater and opera, he also wrote radio plays, movie scripts and telemovies. His work has already been theme of rehearsals for books and movies.

Among his most assembled texts we can name: Inventaires, Chambres, Où va-tu Jérémie?, Drames Brefs (1 et 2), Anne-Laure et Les fantômes, La Maison des Morts…