The city without sea - Technical File | companhia brasileira de teatro

The city without sea – Technical File

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Texts by Manoel Carlos Karam

Cast and dramaturgic collaboration: Michelle Pucci, Moa Leal, Luiz Felipe Leprevost, Edson Rocha, Ranieri Gonzalez and Nina Ribas.


Direction and Adaptation: Nadja Naira and Giovana Soar

Production: Cássia Damasceno and Elisa Ribeiro

Technique: Henrique Linhares

Off recording: Ranieri Gonzalez and Enéas Lour

Audio recording: Chico Santarosa

Video recording and editing: Alan Raffo


Realization: companhia brasileira de teatro inside MOSTRA CURITIBA idealized and produced by ESPAÇO CÊNICO