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The city witohut sea – Production

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Street, alternative space where there are stairs, big and small rooms, bus stops.

Waiting room – minimum 4 X 7 meters – capacity 40 people

Sea room – minimum 10 X 10 meters – capacity 40 people

Bus stop on the street or in a square.

Turism bus with 40 places and sound system. Preferable an old Viação Graciosa bus.

* the play is given in the displacement between street, internal spaces and street again. The public is invited to enter a tourism bus and take a walk through the city. The last scene is given in a bus stop, the public watches from inside the bus.

** it will be necessary liberations for the use of the street and the bus stop. Communicate the city hall and the police.



Waiting room
Voice microphone with pedestal
Amplified box for microphone
Cold and smooth illumination – 24 PARS 30 or set lights 500W with corrective AZ61

Sea room
Strong counter-light – 12 PARS 64#5
Video projector with 4000 ansilumens
Big projection screen accordingly to the space or white wall
Sound boxes for sea amplification

Corridor and accesses
Set lights 500W or PC 500 in tripods (accordingly to the necessity of each space)



1 Megaphone
40 Entry forms and pens
40 Numbers or passwords
40 Waiting room’s chairs
40 Colorful beach chairs and mats
08 Colorful parasols
06 or 08 Signaling plaques with the word EXIT
2 Milk puddings, 40 plates, napkins and plastic spoons
Drinks as gasosa (a type of soft drink) and beer
Fresh vegetables
Simple reproductions of the magazine LEITE QUENTE – A5 format – 16 sheets – 40 unities



Sound, light and video technicians
Driver for the bus
02 or more production assistants
02 or more securities to accompany the path of the actors and the audience