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What I would like to say – Critics

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“…impossible to highlight just one name in this tuned concert”. October 2008. Mariângela Alves de Lima. O Estado de São Paulo


“…the spectacle presses by a unique delicacy by approaching themes like fragility, life options and the passage of time”. October 2008. Veja São Paulo


“There is no doubt that there was work, and a serious one, for the montage of O que eu gostaria de dizer (What I would like to say). Barbara Heliodora. O Globo.


“The staging proposes a dialogue of senses, not of speeches (…) the dramaturgy organizes the scenes in a way that transforms simultaneity in coexistence (…) What we see on stage is given more as a stimuli for us to continue asking questions. And the spectacle’s atmosphere seems to deal with tranquility with the fact that the answers are always provisory.” July 2008. Daniele Ávila – Questão de Crítica RJ


“What is maybe at steak there, and in suspense, is life itself, put under exam in a subtle and delicate way”. September 2008. Luiz Fernando Ramos. Folha de São Paulo.