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Who We Are

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companhia brasileira de teatro is a collective of artists from several regions of the country founded by the dramaturge and director Marcio Abreu in 2000, in the city of Curitiba where its headquarters is situated. Its research is oriented mainly to new forms of writing and to contemporary creation. Among its main realizations, plays with an own dramaturgy, written in collaborative processes and simultaneous to the spectacles creation like PROJETO bRASIL (bRAZIL PROJECT) (2015), Vida (Life) (2010), O que eu gostaria de dizer (What I would like to say) (2008), Volta ao dia… (Back to the day…) (2002).

There is still a serie of creations from the work of unpublished authors in the country like Krum (2015) by Hanoch Levin; Esta Criança (This child) (2012) by Joël Pommerat; Isso te interessa (Does this interest you?) (2011) from the text Bon, Saint-Cloud by Noëlle Renaude; Oxigênio (Oxygen) (2010) by Ivan Viripaev.

The company still makes frequent exchanges with other artists in the country and abroad. In 2014 Premiered in France the spectacle Nus, Ferozes e Antropófagos (Nudes, Ferocious and Anthropophagi) a partnership with the French collective Jakart.

Keeps an active repertoire that circulates frequently. Received the main art awards of the country.