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Who We Are

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companhia brasileira de teatro is a Brazilian collective of artists from several regions of the country. It was founded in 2000 by the dramaturge and director Marcio Abreu. The company’s head office is in Curitiba, Brazil; in an old building in the historic downtown of the city. Its research is mainly focused into new forms of writing and contemporary creation.

Among its main acchievements are: – plays with a unique dramaturgy; – written in collaborative processes and simultaneously to the spectacles creation; like PRETO (2017; PROJETO bRASIL (2015), Vida (2010), O que eu gostaria de dizer (2008), Volta ao dia… (2002).

There are still a number of creations from the work of unpublished authors in Brazil such as: Krum (2015) by Hanoch Levin; Esta Criança (2012) by Joël Pommerat; Isso te interessa (2011) from the text Bon, Saint-Cloud by Noëlle Renaude; Oxigênio (2010) by Ivan Viripaev; Apenas o Fim do Mundo (2006) by Jean Luc Lagarce; Suíte 1 (2004) by Phillipe Myniana.

Its most recent plays are: an adaptation of Platonov by Anton Tchekov entitled POR QUE NÃO VIVEMOS? (2019) and Bem-vindos à Espécie Humana (2019) from an original text by the French dramaturge Benoit Lambert.

The company still performs frequent exchanges with other national and foreign artists . In 2014 premiered in France the spectacle Nus, Ferozes e Antropófagos, a partnership with the French collective Jakart.

companhia brasileira de teatro keeps an active repertoire that tours frequently. The company has also received the main Brazilian art awards.