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A Cidade Sem Mar

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“There are those who say that for Curitiba to be perfect it is just missing a sea. There are those who say that Curitiba is so bad that not even has a sea. Is it a legend? The legend says that Curitiba has only two seasons. If leaved here, Vivaldi would have composed the winter and the road-rail way station. And maybe dedicated some violin notes to the summer that this year fell on a Friday.” Manoel Carlos Karam

From texts like these by Manoel Carlos Karam that the dramaturgy of the play A Cidade sem mar (The city without sea) emerged. A mix of artists interested in provocations and restless with the place of theater today, we sought in the words of a disturbed author and an experimental theatric director from the days of the Brazilian dictatorship, a port, a sunny beach to rest.

We gathered city artists interested in the author: Michelle Pucci, her sweet and potent voice and her chards; Luiz Felipe Leprevost, his doubts, his acid word and his horses; Ranieri Gonzalez, his delirium, his instinctive force and his errant pudding; Edson Rocha, his delicacy and his umbrella shots; Moa Leal his fears and his angry non-conformity of vultures; Nina Ribas, her productive practicality and her laughter and scared screams in the dawn. We gather together to all of them Nadja Naira and Giovana Soar. And together we wait.

We wait in lines. We wait standing. We wait under wet umbrellas. We wait inpatient. We wait seated in front of an exit door. We wait. We invite the audience to wait with us. To wait for what? It doesn’t matter, to wait together! We wait and invite them to go for a walk in Graciosa’s bus that took us to the coast in the 80’s. And we went to the beach to see the sea. And we took a walk between São Francisco Street and Tiradentes Square, the beach of our Curitiba.


A Cidade sem mar (The city without sea), premiered inside the CURITIBA MOSTRA agenda in the Festival de Teatro de Curitiba. Idealized by Espaço Cênico, it gathered important Curitiba literature and theater names in four new premieres, mixing writers, directors, actors and other creators. Besides Espaço Cênico, companhia brasileira de teatro, Selvática Ações Artísticas and CiaSenhas de Teatro staged works of the writers Dalton Trevisan, Manoel Carlos Karam, Wilson Bueno and a show of female authors from Curitiba (Alice Ruiz, Luci Collin, Leonarda Glück and Priscila Merizzio).

Guairacá Cultural – Curitiba/PR
179, São Francisco Street – São Francisco
Dates: 28 and 29 March 2016