Esta Criança - companhia brasileira de teatro

Esta Criança

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The encounter between companhia brasileira and the actress Renata Sorrah. The intimacy revealed in ten border-situations. A vertiginous sequence of moments of intensity between parents and children. Familiar bounds unveiled in a direct and conscious way. A dramaturgic construction that dialogues with the real without trying to reproduce it. The theatricality as an inventive and activated potency of our senses for world perceptions. The other as dimension of our existence in a work created from the original text in Brazil, from the French author Joël Pommerat.


“I would have liked so much to have understood this earlier.
I would have liked so much to have understood, that we don’t know everything,
that we don’t have the obligation of knowing everything always…”


Joël Pommerat, French dramaturge and director, is today one of the main references of the art theater in his country. He proposes themes connected to the human and social relations in its multiple aspects and to new looks upon the contemporary world and its transformations. Esta Criança (This Child/Cet Enfant) is one of the most translated and performed texts outside France. Occupies today a place of prestige and intense production along its company in important theaters in Europe.


“I make the theater that I would like to see in the world I live in. I want to go to the theater to watch an instant in which it stops, in which it stops, anyway, to pose. This utopia has nothing to do with a search for purity. It is just an experience, an artistic and human attempt at the same time: to go toward abandonment and less control, to go toward a let it be. Don’t dissimulate, don’t posse, but show.” “It is not by chance that we ask even more to the actor to be himself, to accept the eyes to be put upon him (what is very different of exhibition), to let him be seen, it isn’t for nothing that we have arrived to this desire and this need.”