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Isso Te Interessa?

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Small family epic. Four generations of a same family. Banal and striking events in the life of each one. Forty-five minutes of coexistence with a radical intimacy of a group of people. The violent passage of time. The delicacy. The time relativity in theater. The language as invention. Adaptation of Bon, Saint-Cloud, unprecedented text in Brazil, from the contemporary French author Noëlle Renaude.


“The father says, I smoke a lot and I do my trick
at work I am also exhausted, surrenders the father,
she is not joyful she is not pretty no, the father
surrenders, it is hard but, he surrenders, I miss my son”


Noelle Renaude was born in 1949 in Boulogne sur Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, in France. After finishing her studies in Art History and in Oriental Languages she started to write with 27-years-old, impetuously, and almost immediately texts for theater.

She wrote more than twenty texts among which: L’Entre-deux, Divertissements touristiques, Le Renard du Nord, Blanche Aurore Celeste, Petits rôles, Lunes, Les Cendres et les lampions, Le Prunus, A tous ceux qui, Géo et Claudie, Ma Solange, comment t’écrire mon desastre, Neuf petites histoires d’apparitions et de disparitions, Madame Ka, texts these that were performed by great European directors and translated to German, English, Czech, Polish, Catalan…

In 1990, Le Renard du Nord received the award of best manuscript of French language in the Maubeuge Festival. In 1992 received the “radio new talents” SACD Award. Also works as translator and oriental language text adaptor.

Collaborated with Canal magazine from 1983 to 1987, with Théâtre Public until the beginning of the 90’s. From 1994 to 1996 was part of the writers of the Cahiers de Processo, magazine edited by Centro Nacional de escrituras de espetáculo – La Chartreuse (La Chartreuse – National Center of spectacle scriptures).