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Just the end of the world – Author

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Jean Luc-Lagarce studied philosophy, was director, company owner, author, actor and editor. In a short time bequeathed us with a strong and rich work. With 20 years-old he founded his company, Le Théâtre de la Roulotte, with which assembled innumerous authors and his own texts. Wrote and rehearsed until the end of his life many plays, but also rehearsals, editorials, articles, diaries, etc. In the 90’s, several stagers started to discover this delicate, suffered, painful writing that talks about family’s permanent conflicts and the pain of the unspoken. Joël Jouanneau, Jean-Pierre Vincent, Alain Fromager, François Berreur, Philippe Delaigue, Philippe Sireuil, Stanislas Nordey mount and remount his texts, that have already been translated and staged in several languages. In Brazil, Juste la fin du monde was his first text to be translated, published and staged by companhia brasileira de teatro. His theater permeates all records and genders, the characters try to reinterpret their lives, to recover the lost time. In Berlin of the 90’s, already knowing that he suffered from aids, Jean Luc-Lagarce wrote Just la fin du monde (Just the end of the world). Le Pays Lointain (The Distant Country), his last play, concluded previous to his death returns to the same story of Just la fin du monde (Just the end of the world), to the same family, always around the theme return. Lagarce died in 1995. He was only 38 years-old.