Nus, Ferozes e Antropófagos - companhia brasileira de teatro

Nus, Ferozes e Antropófagos

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Separated by an ocean and by the cultural differences of each country, but united by common creative ideals, Brazilian and French artists gather in this project “Nus, Ferozes e Antropófagos” (Nudes, Ferocious and Anthropophagi”). Result of the exchange of companhia brasileira de teatro, settled in Curitiba, and the French groups Coletivo Jakart Mugiscué (Jakart Mugiscué Collective) and Centro Dramático Nacional de Limousin (Limousin National Dramatic Center).

The direction is shared between Marcio Abreu and the French colleagues Thomas Quillardet (Jakart) and Pierre Pradinas (Limousin National Dramatic Center).

As the name – borrowed from Hans Staden’s work – indicates, it is a work of exploitation of the unknown borders. In this case, to unveil and understand not only the countries in which both companies live. “It is a spectacle about the encounter”, tells Thomas Quillardet. “The encounter in general: with the other, with the difference, with another language and, also, the encounter with yourself”.

Marcio Abreu completes: “The work was born from the plunge into the other’s reality – the Brazilian into the French, the French into the Brazilian. Workshops were made in France and in Brazil, from which a unique dramaturgy is being developed. This work started in 2011. Since then, six editions of encounters were made in both countries, with workshops and cultural experiences.

In scenes that appear to be independent, but are actually interconnected, the 10 actors express themselves in both languages – Portuguese and French – and also relate themselves with words, in a physical theater. “The communication, as well as the impossibility of trying to communicate and not being able to, are also subjects in focus”, completes Abreu.

The starting point encompasses also the documental work Le Brésil d’André Thevet – les singularités de la France Antarctique (1557), written by the French religious that covered Brazilian lands in the XVIth century. “We don’t use parts of the work, but yes, the search for a vision of the imaginary of the country”, highlights Abreu.

The premiere occurred in France, in May 2014, in the Théâtre de l’Union – Centre Dramatique de Limousin, in Limoges.