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A fable about a passionate crime: two young people, Sacha and Sacha know each other, have a crazy love, he returns home and violently kills his own wife. This small story suits as pretext to make emerge diverse themes of our time and discuss, in a singular and powerful language, what is essential for each one of us. Adaptation of the original text of the contemporary Russian author Ivan Viripaev.


“In each man there are two that dance: the right and the left. A dancer – the right, the other – the left. Two air dancers. Two lungs. The right and the left lung. In each man there are two that dance – the right and the left lung. The lungs dance and the man receives oxygen. If you catch a shovel and beat on the chest of a man at the height of the lungs, the dances stop. The lungs no longer dance, the oxygen doesn’t arrive.”


Ivan Viripaev was born in Irkutsk (Siberia) in 1974, is a theater author, actor and director. In 1995, finished his studies in the Irkutsk Theater School. Until 1998 he worked as actor in the Magadan Dramatic Theater (Siberia), next in the Comedy and Drama Theater in Petrapavlovsk in the region of Kamtchatka (extrem Russian orient) where he knows the director Viktor Ryjakov.

Obliged to leave his hometown because of the pressure of some local theater entities, he moves to Moscow in 2001 where he founds the Center of the New and Social Play Theatre.doc. In October 2003 acts in the montage of his text Kislorod (Oxygen), directed by Viktor Ryjakov in Theatre.doc. Quickly Kislorod (Oxygen) becomes one of the spectacles of greater audience in Moscow. The play participates of several international festivals. Complimented by the critics receives several awards. Gains diverse montages in many cities in the interior of Russia where made many presentations. It was translated and performed many times in several European countries. companhia brasileira de teatro’s montage marks the debut of this author in Brazil, so far unpublished.