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“The one that takes a walk and goes back, and has kept the eyes open,
Will know better the shape of the own cage, the angles and the steps that prepare the escapes”.
Júlio Cortázar

Once I sent an e-mail to a friend, in a typical day in Curitiba, probably angry with the city and wrote some sweet non-sense like “my house is without me”, these kind of things. I received as answer: “Well, this thing of saying that your house is in you is a snail thing. I stay with Zeca Pagodinho that said that he lives upon his shoes. Isn’t it genius?!!!” Yes, yes, it is genius, but the fact is that, today, my shoes and I are in Curitiba, we are at home.

Novelas Curitibanas is a house. Today, a space that opens itself again to theater. When a house opens itself to theater, this is a reason to celebrate. Inspired by Curitiba, under the influence of the city where I live in or under what of this city reverberates in me, I try to write something about the scene that I prepare for this celebration. Before anything, I confess that I come from Rio de Janeiro and many times, I had the clear impression that no one was really born in Curitiba – some humor, game of words – and, in fact, this sentence time to time seems real. Whenever I arrive in Curitiba I have the contradictory feeling to be coming back home and, at the same time, arriving in Mars.

So it is about this that I can say something, two or three words about being inside and outside at the same time, about belonging and being a foreigner in the same place, about the terrible comfort of feeling at home. Rainy Sunday, light Saturday’s mornings, musty autophagy, cold in the apartment, having no distraction, to be forcibly concentrated, to go and to stay. Again the contradictions. Nothing new in the city’s chronicle.

I gather impressions without compromise and give them back in the shape of poetic fragments, critical jokes, nostalgic songs and arid questions. Fifteen to thirty minutes of polyphony that resonates in my ears and reflects the diversity that I perceive when I open my bedroom’s window and see the fog: nothing and all the possibilities.

Marcio Abreu

Curitiba, August 2006.

*Polifonias (Polyphonies) was specially created for the reopening of Teatro Novelas Curitibanas inside the project “Sob a Influência – 5 obras inspiradas por Curitiba”, from which still participated the directors Edson Bueno, Felipe Hirsch, Fernando Kinas and Marcelo Marchioro.