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Four people in an empty room, no windows. The coexistence with life powers. Four trajectories that unveil themselves in multiple senses. Failures. Successes. Excesses. Vida (Life) is a spectacle from the plunge into the plural languages of the poet Paulo Leminski, in dramaturgic partnership with Giovana Soar and Nadja Naira and the collaboration of actors Ranieri Gonzalez and Rodrigo Ferrarini, with unprecedented text written by Marcio Abreu.


“What I say interest you? I ask and you tell me someone tells me, yes, I care about your words, I listen, I am with you now. And I breathe relieved and I say, I am happy that you get interested for my words and that you are with me now. And I keep staring at you (silence) in silence (silence) looking for words to fill this empty space that suddenly appeared between us (silence). This embarrassment…”